Jimwat a.k.a Jimweezy

County: Nairobi

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Jimwat a.k.a Jimweezy real name is James Muthiga Mburu. He is a God fearing-loving musician, producer, songwriter and graphic designer. He is also a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for over 5 years.

He started his musical journey in high school. He would rap his way out of being bullied. He used to entertain his bullies with his rap verses. He perfected his skills and released a song in form 3 called ‘sema nami sweety’.

After high school, He joined Calif records under Clemo management. He released the hit song ‘under 18’ which won him various awards in the year 2006. He continued releasing other hit songs like Paulina, Sitoi Kitu kidogo, legacy and many others.

With the found fame and money, his lifestyle changed and he became an alcoholic. He battled the addiction and later checked into several rehabilitation centers.

In 2017, Jimwat released an album recorded at BMG studio after staying sober for almost 5 years.

After leaving rehab, he went to college and did graphic design then later joined You-tube company. He also started a foundation dubbed Jimwat foundation that seeks to teach youths to drink responsibly.

He also has his own record label called ‘ Truth kwa booth’ and has signed artist like J. Blue.

For more information, samples of his music and bookings visit his official social media contacts provided above.