Philip Makanda

County: Nairobi

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Philip Makanda aka Philo is a musician, producer, CEO and founder of Main switch group. He is a degree holder in Information  Systems and Technology from USIU.
Philo started his music journey as a musician. He was part of the music group called Boomba clan group. Their released alot of hit songs like Do not touch my car, African timer, Chonga viazi just to name but a few.
The group later parted ways which each member taking a direction in the music world. For Philo he choose audio production.
Philo, an alma mater of Dagoretti high school class of 2003, started out at Calif records under Clemo wings where they used to record their music. From there he became a freelance producer before joining the Ogoja djs as a music producer.
He worked at Ogopa Djs for over five years before forming his own music production house in 2012. At Ogopa djs, he believes he learnt alot about running a record label and how to nurture budding talent.
As a producer, he always felt an urge to do more in managing music. he noticed that they would producer good music for artist but the challenge come about in having the songs played or know. This drove him, together with other like minded friends to open an event management company.
As a producer, philo plays the piano and his great soundwork rocks the ears of music lovers. He has worked many artists including Jaguar, Vivian, Janet Atieno, G-kon, Kidis, MOG, Daddy Owen, Papa Dennis, Big Pinand many others.
For more information and details on how to reach him, follow him in hi official social media contacts provided above.