Saldido Records

County: Nairobi


Saldido records is an audio recording music studio located in Nairobi county. It’s one of the leading record label in Kenya owned by Kenya’s top artist, Willy Paul.

At Saldido records, they take a holistic approach to music whereby they record an artist’s audio and video, get them performance deals and also improve their lifestyles by getting them a house and providing them with general upkeep.

The difference between them and other well established record label is that unlike them, who go for known artistes, at Saldido records they are signing completely raw talent.

Saldido records is about making good music and they don’t force any artist to do gospel music just because the owner does gospel music.

Some of the artist who have signed and released songs with the stable are Klons Kenya and Dicey.

For more information, samples of their work and bookings visit their official social media contacts provided above.